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Yet despite the widely shared terror of the federal tax-collection agency, Democrats in the Senate are proposing to increase its budget. Is this wise? Enjoy more audio and podcasts on iOS or Android.

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In the first half of the streaming giant registered 25m new members globally, twice as many as had ed up in the same period a year earlier. Enjoy more audio and podcasts on iOS or Android. On July 20th it announced 1. In America and Canada, where the market is saturated and competitors are multiplying, the total of subscribers declined byThe stall is unsurprising.

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If Robert Morris University truly wants its recently resuscitated hockey programs to play games this season, the school should stop playing games with the student-athletes who remain on the teams.

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Because, from a hockey perspective, this middle-ground, trial-phase, money-raising period that has been created by the university is nothing but a two-week time-waster. For the next month, university officials did little to engage with efforts to save the programs, while apparently operating under a premise that neither team would be part of the upcoming budget. He also requested university documents regarding some donation histories and intraoffice communications about the elimination of the programs. Those two developments occurred on June It takes time.

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A two-week window in the middle of summer, coming out of a pandemic — with few people on campus and players spread all over the continent, not knowing if they have a team or even a reason to come back to campus — is less than ideal to bolster efforts. Not to mention that when it comes to collections, it could take months before the actual cash arrives.

The IRS informed them that because of a post-pandemic backlog, it may take six to eight months to get their non-profit, tax-exempt status approved. If there is one at all. Yet without an announcement that a season will definitely occur, the rosters are withering and the coaching staffs are shrinking. Some assistant coaches already have new jobs. The conference schedules are out.

Tim benz: robert morris hockey teams want to play games. on the ice, not with their own administration

Delaying another two weeks may make it impossible. As of Monday night, the university has posted nothing on its athletics about fundraising efforts since the initial press release last week.

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Neither team feed has tweeted since May Nothing organic. Does that sound like a partnership to you? Then it should push back any loose benchmarks for fundraising goals into early And if the programs go belly up by then, at least they can play out the year and the student-athletes can organize a plan for the next season and recruits can have time to find new homes without the chaos they went through this spring. That would be incredibly stupid for the administration to do.

So I put nothing past them.

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They changed their minds because they were about to get sued by two lawyers with reputations for winning. And in the case of Kessler, winning in the Supreme Court. They backpedaled on cutting the teams for one of two reasons. They realized the student coalition had a case. That the school might lose. And that the details that may have become public as to how they attempted to go about eliminating the teams were going to make some university officials look very, very bad in court.

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Some of those details have already emerged. Eh, who are we kidding? It was probably both. So why the song and dance surrounding this two-week window until July 31? Bring the teams back for this year. Announce it now.

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Give them a shot to be something more than a punching bag inand reassess after that. Tim Benz is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Tim at tbenz triblive. All tweets could be reposted.

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Ben a day with gwen [android]

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Tim Benz: Robert Morris hockey teams want to play games. On the ice, not with their own administration. Tim Benz Tuesday, July 20, a.

Tuesday, July 20, a. Newsletters. More Robert Morris Stories. RMU men's hockey coach Derek Schooley hoping funds can be found to resurrect programs.

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Robert Morris reverses course, eyes path to resurrect men's and women's hockey programs. Focus on solutions, not fake outrage.