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Which puts me in a worse-than-usual fix. No woman ever stood a chance with Dorian from Dragon Age.

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Something Strange Is happening to me, and I hope you don't feel it rude if I share a little. I've developed a total boycrush on a friend called Alistair. I haven't told him, as dialogue hasn't opened that up as an option, but he's probably worked it out as I take him everywhere I go. I equip him with all the best weaponry, I make sure he's satisfactorily buffed at all times Say me and my gang are wandering through the Blight-ravaged wilderness and Alistair is cracking a joke with my other pals - good-girl paladin-type Leliana, and vampish side-boob witch Morrigan - even though we're in the middle of nowhere I just turn around to watch him.

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I often don't equip him with a helmet just so I can see his face. Oh Alistair, be mine forever. When this business with the darkspawn is over, why don't we buy a cottage in the Ferelden countryside and hang out all the time? I'm sure it's OK though.

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These nascent psychological stirrings can only have been prompted by the fact that Dragon Age: Origins has some of the best realised characters, greatest storylines and most natural free-flowing dialogue ever ladled onto a PC's hard drive. In other games you hammer the keyboard to cycle through the chit-chat to get back into the action, in Dragon Age when you strike up a conversation you settle back in your chair and turn up the volume.

BioWare have taken the complexities, bottomless depth and sheer epic nature of their early RPG s and mixed in the wit, pace and mind-bogglingly threaded and context-sensitive dialogue of their later Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect to astounding effect. The land of Ferelden feels real to the touch, so layered is it in history and so plagued by political and racial turmoil. As a fantasy world it's up there on a par with that of The Lord of The Rings ' setting.

In fact the whole piece feels like a Dorian Gray portrait of Middle-Earth - a familiar landscape tinged with an extra darkness, abused power and intolerance. Let's start at the start though. Whether you're a posh dwarf, a common dwarf, a mage, a City Elf, a noble human or a Dalish elf hiding out in the forest, no-one gets it particularly easy. It's in these origin tales that -BioWare begin as they mean to go on -covering themes dragon age sex games racial intolerance, power hunger, and institutional oppression, while spicing each one up with topics like child murder and gangrape.

Ferelden is far from a happy land of faerie-folk.

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As you play through the game your origins are meshed with the overall narrative thrust of the game to such an extent that you struggle to imagine what would be happening to someone with a different background. It's also fascinating when origin NPCs have a life beyond these beginning tales.

There's one, for example, that the Mage character encounters during his grand entrance in the Tower of the Circle of Magi. The same chap will then pop up 40 hours later maybe less, maybe more as an important plot NPC. To the magic-wielder he's already an interesting and deep character you'll have established trust issues with, but to everyone else he's a blank sheet.

This is an effect redoubled when the main storyline brings you back to the origin tale's former haunts. For a sixth of players this means revisiting old friends and enemies that are still afflicted by your former decisions, but for everyone else its a trip to a strange new culture of which they have very little knowledge.

It's a fantastic, mind-boggling and brilliant concept. Come the end of your hellish deliverance into the world of Ferelden seriously, try the Human Noble origin - 'dark' isn't the word and you're soon collected by Duncan, a roaming talent scout Dune is a Grey Warden - and he wants you to their dwindling. The Grey Wardens are a group of warriors who act as a safeguard against the Blight - militaristic and plague-like stirrings of the undead, prompted by machinations below ground in the Deep Ro - that spre every years or so.

You travel to the city of Ostagar, where a young naive king and his grizzled general are about to face down the horde once and for all and your help is needed. As to what happens next well the 80 or so hours of Blight-stomping that remain make it clear that dragon age sex games isn't a total success.

It is at this point that the adventure begins to pull in different directions. The land of Ferelden needs to be united against the Blight - so your band of travelling death-bringers must visit the beleaguered humans of Redcliffe, the secretive Dalish elves, the bickering caste-split Dwarves, and tower-bound Mages and them up to an alliance.

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It's like being one of those clipboard-wielders who knock on people's doors asking them to change power suppliers. Only you're met with kingship disputes, escaped demons, possessed children, werewolves, dragons, and armies of the undead instead of confused pensioners. All the while there are a barrage of side-quests, random encounters, class specific mission-givers, smaller towns and the sprawling city of Denerim to live, love and level through should you wish to meander away from the branching main quest and occasional 'Meanwhile!

But enough of this postcardscribbling, let's talk about how it plays.

Dragon ball sex games

You generally view affairs from a third-person view - and the control scheme isn't a million miles off either. If you're feeling more old-school however you can pull back to a top-down isometric-like viewpoint while the action can be frozen at any point so if you want a greater feeling of tactical nuance and a taste of the turn-based RPGs of old then it can certainly be attained. You'll have three followers trail around after you KOTOR-style once your roster starts filling up chosen round the campfire you can retreat to as you journey around the map and during combat can leap into their bodies to deliver orders through clicks of your enemies and taps on the quickcommand bar.

Alternatively friendly NPCs can be left to their own devices, following tactical orders that you've prearranged in a hugely customisable almost too hugely customisable table of 'If X then Y' commands. As for what you all get up to, it's somewhat RPG business as usual.

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Rogues favour sneaking in under the radar with poisoned blades for some stealthy backstabs with freshly laid traps in their wake, warriors wade in with double-handed weapons or with shields poised to bash, Mages rend their air with frozen, fiery and electrical pain.

It all works an absolute treat, but a special mention must be reserved for the magic use - it's magnificent.

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In other RPGs I've steered clear of magical characters, as their low-visual impact fireballs and vials of blue magical stuff have never done anything for me. But in Dragon Age magic is a dirty, visceral and brilliant thing. I habitually play as a rogue, but as soon as Morrigan and Leliana showed up then I didn't keep them around for the pillow talk alone. Levelling for yourself and your cronies happens regularly, with three points on offer for your base-line stats, a core talent advance every two levels, and an extra ability from various skill-branches to slot into your battle tactics every time.

Dragon age: origins

It's a great system that's simple to understand, and brilliantly the companions you leave behind level up while you're away, meaning that you never feel like you're spinning NPC plates and walking out with weak characters who haven't had their engine ticking over.

Further specialisation kicks in 20 or so hours in, when you hit a level where you can refine your class one of four ways with a bought book or a compliant NPC trainer see 'Specialist Tastes'although many of your companions come with a recent visit to the career's advisor indelibly marked on their character. Should you wish to get to know your charges better though then you'll find yourself spending a lot of time in your campsite. The conversations you have here are nothing short of magisterially written, and relationships within your travelling band of warriors quickly go beyond love triangles and into the realms of a love prism.

The very best and funniest of the interactions you can have though are reserved for those with your faithful hound, since despite its darkness there's a lot of light relief in Dragon Age. Depending on how you treat them, and the solutions you choose to the various moral quandaries you come across, your buddies' opinions of you, and your chances of having any sexy time a few days of gameplay down the line, will raise and lower. Really piss someone off though like Morrigan the side-boob witch who'll get a right strop on if you're out spreading niceness and you can always bring them back on-side with a carefully chosen gift.

Fail to cultivate a relationship and piss someone off and they'll pick a fight or bugger off. Where Dragon Age triumphs though is that the rinse-and-repeat cycle of foeslaying, loot plundering, level upping and character fiddling is addictive in the extreme - easily matching the great strides that BioWare have made in dialogue and narrative. It's a handy reviewer stock-in-trade phrase to churn out, but over the past few weeks on average I've lost out on two hours of sleep every night, through thinking Dragon age sex games just boot up Dragon Age to have a few campfire chats, fiddle with some inventories, craft some traps and poisons, then head off into a nearby dungeon.

A sense of time and place is lost.

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Ferelden becomes everything. Is it perfect?

Dragon ball sex games

Well, no. For one, the difficulty levels are all over the shop -engaging as the tactical combat is, on the normal difficulty levels you'll come across areas where you'll be wiped out repeatedly. The game just isn't balanced that well, and some rooms will unduly punish you and completely wreck the flow of your adventures - not least because auto-saves aren't as frequent as they might be. My advice, and I've never said this before, is to ratchet the difficulty levels down to easy as soon as you start getting into trouble which will be guaranteed in the room with the central fire in the Tower of Ishal.

Otherwise, and I'm getting persnickety here, I assume that it's Dragon Age's long-in-the-tooth development that has led to its environments sometimes feeling a little drab and boxy. You just rarely get a true sense of the epic when invisible walls make a surprise reappearance.

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It's a minor incursion on Dragon Age's all-out assault on greatness, and in outdoor environments it's far less of a problem, but it's easily the part of the game that lags furthest behind. Overall though Dragon Age: Origins is a brave and brutal return to form for PC fantasy roleplaying - bettering nearest rival The Witcher through both its combat and the innate lovability of so many of its characters.

To commit yourself to the Grey Wardens is to offer up a large chunk of the coming months to the levelling god in the sky - but as you j do so you'll laugh, you'll get dewy-eyed, your jaw will drop heavily and often, and you may even get off with a sexy witch.

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Until then though, I'll be replaying Dragon Age. Yomping through the Ferelden Hills with Alistair. Together forever. I think I have, at any rate. There could just as easily be another quest that opens up the whole thing for another 57 billion hours, but I suspect that, having finally neared level 20, this is getting to what experts call the "end game". Plot lines are being drawn together, characters are revealing true colours and I've finished most of the individual backstory quests for my companions.

I kind of wish I hadn't chosen a rogue, though.

Advice I've been given indicates the optimum choice of character is a mage with the blood magic and arcane warrior abilities unlocked. Still, it seems everyone has their way of progressing, with lo of different tactical ideas coming from a limited class selection. It seems silly that you've got this big old bunch of heroes and only three of them to use at any one time. Surely you'd go, "I've got all these guys, why not use them all? I know you won't do it, though, but I can hope. It was a pretty long project. We started as a PC lead, but we always had a hope of bringing it to consoles as well, which became a concerted effort later on.

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I think we talked at one point about doing a Human Commoner origin story, which wasn't in the shipped game, but it wasn't as aspirational or interesting. But you know, dwarf noble, dwarf commoner, those were exotic. The Dalish and the city elf were intriguing too, plus the mage and the human noble, which were the six we shipped with.

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We wanted to make sure you took on a role that was aspirational and exciting, ultimately something that players would want to get behind. If we think of anything else though, well put it in the next release. One time I had three mages in my party.

I had Wynne, Morrigan and my main character was a mage too, with Leliana in front, a dual-wielding, back-stabbing thief who could open chests, of course. I had all three mages progressed along the spell chain to get Animate Dead, so I actually ended up with seven characters in the party, including the corpses.