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I'm looking up games like corruption of champions reddit who wants exotic

Games Like Corruption Of Champions: No doubt that games are the best part of our lives and kicking life. Regardless of the choice of genre of the game the individuals are interested in, we see a lot of people involved in playing a game to refresh themselves from their stressful routine. Making big waves around the video gaming industry, the Corruption of Champions CoC is the talk of the gaming town.

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Developer: Savin Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info.

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Corruption of Champions is actually a text-based hentai game that has been developed by Fenoxo. The game can only be played on PC and Android. The game features adult content as its main theme. The whole game revolves around simple text, where the main character gets teleported to a world full of erotic demons.

Before you actually start the game, it will ask you every detail about your character, whether it is a male or a female, and also will allow players to customize their bodies and genitals. A player will be given options to what he wants to explore first and how he wants to approach things.

He will also have dialogues with characters.

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Throughout the game, the player will encounter a variety of demons that are eager to rape the player. There are plenty of set attributes that come into play. If you tease the demon, his lust levels will increase. You may also try options like running and talking. Also, you can try and fight the demon as well.

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Both your character and the demon have a limited amount of HP. However, if the player does manage to beat the demon, he will have multiple options. Depending on his lust level, he can either rape the demon himself. There are plenty of sex options depending on the levels of lust the player is on.

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Or, the player can just ignore the demon and progress in the story. Corruption of Champions is actually banned across plenty of platforms, including steam due to its strong sexual content. The game features very less gameplay hours, where a player can end the game quite soon. All of the games are mentioned right below:. Evenicle 2 is the direct sequel to an ero adventure RPG named Evenicle.

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The game is developed by Alicesoft. Another unique thing about Evenicle is that it features soundtracks.

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The world of Evenicle 2 is set in one of the fragmented worlds of Eve. Unlike the first game, this one has a completely new roster of characters. It mainly follows the adventures of Alex who is a young doctor whose job is to cure women that are afflicted with a disease using a unique power called Medica. This ability of his allows him to heal women through sex.

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Another objective of the player is to stop a mysterious faction from spreading said disease onto women. Although the game features mini characters that the player has to control, along with combat with enemies in a turn-based format.

Similar games

Erotic images fly on the screen every now and then to keep the player hooked and serve the purpose of being an eroge game. There are multiple chapters featured in the game as the series progresses. There is one major flaw in the game which is its English translation. However, apart from that, the game is actually pretty interesting for an eroge.

Bokuten — Why I Became An Angel is a full-length visual novel that expresses the concepts of love and happiness.

Top 5 games like corruption of champions (games similar to corruption of champions)

It can be purchased on Steam. Although not exactly an erotic game, it still has more than 40 hours of interesting reading time that will keep the player hooked for most of the time. Another interesting fact about this game is that it features 35 different instrumental, and 9 vocal songs that play throughout the game.

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The player chooses from 4 different characters, where each one of them has their own unique route. The game starts with Tomoe Kirinokojima who is a young man who does not believe in love, or happiness.

Top 5 games like corruption of champions:

On the other hand, Aine is an angel that descends on Earth using her magical guitar to ease the broken hearts of couples that are in love. One day, Tomoe accidentally shoots Aine which destroys her guitar. As a result, Aine is left completely powerless. Now, Tomoe has to help AIne on her mission to help give aid to couples. The game will explore the story of these 2 characters as it progresses in this beautiful visual novel.

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It is developed by Flametorch, whereas it is published by Critical Bliss. It is also one of the few roguelike single-player card strategy games available to play. Currently, the game can only be played through Steam on Microsoft Windows. It is quite a recent title released this year, back in June. In Last Evil, the player is forced to go down the deepest of the dungeons in order to wake up the Great Demon. On his journey, he will have to collect powerful spells, and fight against all the enemies that stand on his way.

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Defeating the enemies will allow the player to collect their essence and continue exploring the depths of the dungeon. The game is banned in plenty of regions due to its strong adult content. Each card has a different stat and ability. Some of them can also be used to defend the player, whereas some will completely annihilate the enemies.

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Fall of Eden is another game made by Fenoxo. Its gameplay is awfully similar to Corruption of Champions. You will be playing the game in the same text-based format, while also having the same level of customization on your character. While playing out pretty much the same exact way, the game has a slightly different plot. You can be free with your imagination and choose your character according to your liking.

Best games like corruption of champions

The combat in the game is also pretty much the same. You are given multiple options including either fighting, running, or submitting yourself to the enemy. By fighting the enemy, you will be able to defeat him. Submitting yourself to the enemy means you will let the demon rape your character according to his liking. While combat is present in the game, interactions with characters is also an important element in the game. Also, the story progresses as you move forward in the game.

If you are looking for a game like Corruption of Champions, then why not play Corruption of Champions 2. It is the direct sequel to the first game and brings in plenty of more improvements in the game. While the start is exactly the same, where you will need to customize your character. In the sequel, you can be a lot more flexible with your character creation. You can make a cunning thin hunter or a big muscular warrior orc as the main character.

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Apart from the erotic content in the game, another great impressive thing about this game is the amount of freedom you have in it for a text-based game. The combat is improved as well.

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Also, this time around, you have a partner that will help you along your journey. You are still trapped in a world full of sex-crazed demons that will not let any chance slip from raping your main character. You will have to fight against these demons, or run away from them, while the story progresses itself.

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These were the top 5 games that play out just like Corruption of Champions. Each one of these games is similar to Corruption of Champions in some way. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.

Home Minecraft Overwatch Merge Dragons! Golf Clash General About Contact. Top 5 Games Like Corruption of Champions: Corruption of Champions is actually banned across plenty of platforms, including steam due to its strong sexual content.

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All of the games are mentioned right below: Evenicle 2 Evenicle 2 is the direct sequel to an ero adventure RPG named Evenicle. Corruption of Champions 2 If you are looking for a game like Corruption of Champions, then why not play Corruption of Champions 2. Conclusion These were the top 5 games that play out just like Corruption of Champions. Subscribe To List. Share via.