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If you played a text-based adventure game, you've played interactive fiction IFa style of game made popular by Infocom. You wander around rooms, picking up and manipulating items to solve puzzles, defeat monsters and so on.

My age 25
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It has been a packed month here! So packed that we barely finished the new version of the game! The update is out, but we can barely wait for the next one! Stay tuned for that because we have some huge stuff coming! Once our bug testers have done checking up on the hidden new Porn Studio mission! As always, a huge thank-you to our amazing faithful Patreon supportersour script writers, and everyone who has helped test the game write the wiki and build the game on the forums!

Stay tuned! Download the game. Bunnies everywhere!

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You can now get a quest from the bunny warrens in vanilla mode that allows you to taint the community college! Make those students into bunnies! As well as opening up the Bunny quest to vanilla players, we have also made it a LOT bigger!

The sexual rpg

Why not suggest some more? Trophies are a cool new feature of Bad Neverland that you usually get as part of a unique sex events!

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Once you have a Trophy, you can reply the event by looking at the item! Go check out your trophies in your inventory right now and see which ones have events attached to them. It works again!

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And now you travel instantly! Check it out! We will be adding a lot more stuff to this as we go along.

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We are working on a new tainting quest for the lions! Soon you will be able to talk to the prince of the big cats for a whole new quest! Instead of a boring block or evade option, you can now try to counter attack!

We have also fixed a few other bugs, including the exponential health-increases that the enemies were getting! Now there are! Ranger Barry the Bear is now on hand paw to pick you up and see to any injuries you might have, for a price! Check him out at the Ranger Cabin in Tracker Path! Or just loose a fight and slowly drag yourself thereā€¦. It turns out that MStack loop bug was triggered by exiting the Scout Camp, and we have now tracked down and removed all of the bits of our code that caused it!

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You should now be able to exit the camp without problems! Thanks a lot to all those who reported this bug, it was a real game breaker!

Combat is getting better and better as we work in more features and battle options! We are really close now to introducing ranged combat and magic! Version 0.

Can you tame the bad sex slave? Some hard fetish players will find they can also access the new Sex Whisperer mission from the studio!

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A hot new Lust Magazine in the Porn Studio! New Clothing: Dino hoodie in Rosy Flowers! Bug Fixes: You can now cancel an festival event from the stage at any time.

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You may or may not be able to restart events once quitting them More festival tweaks! Play the new version of the game!

Look what we have in the brand new version of the game that has just been ed! Wolf Woods has just been Redeed! Half the Furry Content in the game just became optional! Introducing a new follower! Katie the Scout! Take her out for an ice cream at Sunny Corner! Introducing new content at Wolf Rut! New encounter at Scout Pond! New encounter at the Blue Tent!

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I hope you like it! Fast Travel It works again! Future Plans! Bring it on Bears! This edition of Bad Neverland Beta 0.

An optional tentacle monster in Wolf Woods! Combat has been patched to fix a bug! Try it out guys, and have fun!

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