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Mixed or average reviews - based on 17 Critic Reviews What's this? Mixed or average reviews - based on 27 Ratings. Lust from Beyond PC. Publisher: Movie Games S. User Score. Your Score.

Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Lust from Beyond. Lust from Beyond. Share this? Summary: A Victorian mansion. A cult worshipping an otherworldly erotic deity. Among all that - you.

See for yourself that there are no limits to dark ecstasy. Developer: Movie Games S. Critic Reviews. Score distribution:.

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Positive: 1 out of Mixed: 13 out of Negative: 3 out of Malditos Nerds. Lust From Beyond is another horror game with good ideas executed in a limited way because it comes from a small studio.

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It stands out for its concept and the game is even a surprise in several aspects. It's a complete, terrifying and varied experience that fulfills horror fans demands even when it does not bring new mechanics. All this publication's reviews Read full review. Lust from Beyond is an overall successful title that pushed us to continue, despite the presence of lust games combat sections. Lust from Beyond is one of those few games that can eventually gain cult status thanks to an interesting story ideas and shocking themes, even for a modern player. Not recommended… unless survival horror with a sexual horror twist is your thing.

Adventure Gamers.

Lust from Beyond tells a thoughtful, albeit unapologetically disturbing, story. Checkpoint Gaming. Lust From Beyond will derive no joy, only misery and lethargy.

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User Reviews. Write a Review.

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Positive: 1 out of 8. Mixed: 3 out of 8. Negative: 4 out of 8. Giger inspired- story, gameplay, clever use of mask all ok. What is Lust from Beyond, a video game "Of very bad taste"?

I'll tell you what it is: Lust from Beyond is what Lust for Darkness should have been but wasn't, a concept based on Lovecraft's work, mixed with Giger's obscene eroticism and Beksinski's tragedy, and that here works like a charm. They take what worked in the first one and enhance it in a very correct way, delivering a much more interesting sequel. Much better than the plot of the first installment.

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It's much more interesting, doesn't get heavy and has a good timing. Whether it's clunky or not on purpose doesn't matter, you get more immersion naturally. There are elements that are made in a perfect way, but others such as the modeling of characters or various objects do not measure up.

The musical pieces are still scarce, lust games they are much better implemented, as well as the ambient sound. The dubbing is also better achieved, although it is just average. Lust From Beyond Lustfrom beyond is an 11 hours first person adventure game where you play as Victor, a doctor is really interested in Lust From Beyond Lustfrom beyond is an 11 hours first person adventure game where you play as Victor, a doctor is really interested in meeting you cause you seem to be a little too aggressive at sex. This game is weird, its about sex cults and sex gods, you go around different areas finding items for puzzles.

Lust from beyond is different.

There is so much detail and care put into building this game. Lust from beyond has some good stories elements. At least, it doesn't fall into an easy adult flick. But the levels are simple. The CGI models Lust from beyond has some good stories elements. The CGI models feels outdated.

And I am unsure if the game doesn't have some problems, because after some 2 hours of gaming, the game lust games restarted the main screen ever again black sreen. Having gone through a rather bumpy development cycle, "Lust from Beyond" is the second full game trying to mix up Lovecraftian Horror, Having gone through a rather bumpy development cycle, "Lust from Beyond" is the second full game trying to mix up Lovecraftian Horror, Giger-esque artstyle and supposed erotica. It certainly has high ambitions, and 5 seconds into the game you are confronted with the sad reality that they were probably way too high.

Check out the sequel!

It really goes out of it's way to make a bad first impression: You start out playing a female character using an obviously male model. You can already see that the game is unoptimized and unpolished. Controls and camera are wonky, and while the aesthetics are on point and the audio fits the scenario, the sound is often out of sync, the effects suffer from stuttering and framerate drops, and Ive heard better voice acting in mods.

Depending on the level turning the camera slows down performance no matter how low you adjust your settings, which is a shame. Given the size of the maps and the last-gen specs this was not only avoidable, but is a shame since the overall aesthetics are quite good. The same can't be said about pretty much all of the dialogue, which is wooden, generic and full of mythological babble, and having it read out by the voice actors lust games they recorded the first rehearsal doesn't help.

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There are some easy, but rather entertaining puzzles full of video game logic; while the solution is always quite obvious, the reasons why there was a puzzle in the first place aren't. You will spend a lot of time searching for keys or substitutes for keys, but the doors they open often have nothing behind them. You also won't have to go through more than the first chapter to have an idea what the main selling point looks like, the nudity. Unlike in "Lust for darkness" they were certainly a lot less shy about it, and there is an abundance of genitalia and some borderline hardcore scenes in the first 15 minutes.

Since none of the models have actual facial animations and lust games at you with blank eyes while reading out the script, this is unfortunately also the low point of an already subpar experience. Given the horror theme it's already not exactly stimulating, but the developers decided to throw in some actual sexual violence that, even though it's just as unconvincing as the rest of the robotic animations, deserves a trigger warning.

Female sexuality is defined early on as something that is given out in exchange for presents, at least in the "real world", and similar tone-deaf writing sticks out like a sore thumb all over the game. The plot is, surprisingly enough, halfway decent, even though I might have just lowered my standards to the point where I could get through the whole thing.

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There is a lot of tropes and cringe, and there isn't a single thing in here that made me feel lust games I'm not just aggressively killing my time. It was remarkable for all the wrong reasons, and I wish I would have realized that before the time for a refund was up.

So take a good look at the time you spent in this game. The first two hours are absolutely representative of the quality and mechanics. If you don't like what you see there, it won't get better. From graphics and sound to gameplay. Pros story even nothing to say. When The main character is dumb as a cork, then this game is just awful. When The main character is dumb as a cork, then you will not be afraid of anything. The other world is disgustingly made. I don't understand what they were trying to show at all. Like a terrible hell or what? And of course the downlo.

Every 5 minutes of the game downlo, downlo.