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He is Travis Touchdown 's fraternal twin brother; it was unknown if his last name was also Touchdown until his full name, though never mentioned in-game, was revealed to be Henry Cooldown.

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Huzzah for Channel 4, which has come up with the perfect reder to those who think its has thrown the residents of Benefits Street to the wolves. Yes, some have to weather out the storm back in Birmingham, besieged by reporters and pitchfork-wielding tweeters, denounced in the Commons by dimbulb work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, and forced to hold public meetings to discuss how to cope with the repercussions of how they have been portrayed. But the less common are invited to winter in Austria, and paid handsomely for the privilege. The warmest of welcomes back, then, to the first breakout star of the MPs expenses scandal.

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He is the younger brother of Prince Phillip and Princess Beatrice and is third in line to the throne after his mother, Catherine and elder brother, Phillip.

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In this universe Queen Mary never amended the Secession to The Crown Act oftherefore even though Princess Beatrice was born before Henry, her place in the line of succession is after both of her brothers. He shook Alex's hand, then turned to Shaan and asked if he could "get rid of him", which sparked the rivalry between Alex and Henry.

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Henry also tells Alex that his first impression of Alex was "happy and animated and fully alive, a person living in dimensions [Henry] couldn't access, and so beautiful. Henry lost his father 14 months prior to meeting Alex to pancreatic cancer in It tore a hole in his world that he wasn't able to fill.

The of his father's death at that young age echo throughout the story in the medication Alex sees Henry take and his bouts of depression.

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Henry first comes out to his sister, Bea, when he picks her up from a club she escaped to after leaving rehab against the wishes of her family. Henry tells his older brother Philip after meeting Alex. Philip is "not surprised to discover that [Henry is] not the heterosexual heir [he is] supposed to be, but rather surprised [Henry does] not intend to keep pretending to be the heterosexual heir [he is] supposed to be.

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The world finds out about Alex and Henry's relationship from a picture taken right after a date Henry has with Alex's sister to cover it up. Their s were also lifted from the White House server and several tabloids, newspapers and articles displayed them along with wikileaks.

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While many people disagreed and slandered with Alex and Henry's relationship, worldwide support came in from everywhere. The public's support, along with a thinly concealed threat, gave Catherine Henry's mother the foothold she needed to make a case against Queen Mary.

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He is described by Alex as having "thick tawny hair," "big blue eyes," "a warm smile," and a "happy sun-bright confidence" in regards to his poster in June's birthday purchase of a colorful teen magazine. Wiki Content.

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Casey McQuiston. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ?

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Prince Henry Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor. Edit source History Talk 0.

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