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Legend of Queen Opala is yet another game created by pretty much just one person and founded with the help of opala game sites. It seems as if there are more and more indie games developed by groups of 3 or fewer people in the market and that's amazing. It's like going back to the day where computer geeks used to create those choose your own path games on their PC. Game development has come a long way since then and with the help of crowdfunding sites, these people get paid for their hard work. Tons of people want to develop a game without messing with coding and programming. These tools come as a great help for more amazing games to see the light of release.

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Legend of Queen Opala is a first-person fun-based exciting fan game.

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Most of the episodes in the game are made using the RPG Maker engine. It is one of those games that was made simple but after successful upgrade came out as a sophisticated game.

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The game gives total choice to the player. It has five possible endings based on the decisions of the player. The playable character in the game is a middle-aged man, Jake, who took an adventurous trip to Egypt so that he can meet Queen Opala.

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The rumors about the forgiveness and kind-hearted attitude of the queen attracted Jake to visit the royal palace. The player needs to warn the Queen and protect her from enemies.

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The royalty theme operates throughout the game. The game used powerful women characters and depicted them as strong and leader. It has a well-written story. The game has adult-based characteristics and fetishes covered too.

For instance, massive breasts, size differences, hardcore, etc. The combat system is simple and unique. Based on your choices, you can earn rewards in the game and can have royal members of your party.

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Before you start with the download of the Legend of Queen Opala game, it is important to determine whether your PC meets the minimum system requirements to run it. Please Note- Legend of Queen Opala is already pre-installed for you.

Legend of queen opala origin free download

So, you just need to download and extract the files to run it. Table of Contents.

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Download for Windows. Write A Comment Cancel Reply.

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