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Are you searching for an exciting and naughty adult game to play at a party, sexy night at home, or on vacation? Look no further and try this outrageously hot version of Never Have I Ever This daring and sexy game is an excellent way to learn about a partner's sexual past, or expand your sexy possibilities when you play with friends! You won't believe the things you'll learn about each other while playing this sexy game. Best of all, this game rewards the naughtiest, sexiest players with sensual prizes from the other players! The naughtier you've been, the more you win!

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However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. And for that, we're here to remind you that there are all kinds of sex games that can help you accomplish all of those things. Some involve dice, while others have playing cards but not the Go Fish and Old Maid kind, of course with frisky prompts on each. A handful are also actual board games that allow you to hop skip your way to an orgasm by introducing role-playing, racy dialogue, or a strip-tease or two to your game night. The main goal is to keep you open, curious, and help you give you a hand venturing outside your comfort zone.

4 sexy games you can play in the bedroom

Some couples may use sex games to create a less intimidating line of communication, experiment with new methods of pleasure, or just discover new ways of getting off. Above all, adding some games to your sex life can make both of you feel more in the moment, and add a dash of spontaneity to your day. Here, some of the best sex games for couples that we recommend for your next night in. Game on.

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Think of this card game as the adult version of Truth or Dare. While these cards sexy game com as romantic icebreakers, they'll also motivate you to venture miles outside of your comfort zone. Instead of pastel Monopoly money, Intimacy doles out sexual reward coins, which you can earn from your partner after answering a personal question, or performing an erotic request.

Every time you scratch these tickets, a new sex position reveals itself in three consecutive images. The game comes with eight scratch tickets, and you can essentially mix and match the various positions and activities if you want to reuse them. You just need yourselves, any favorite toys, and a coin. Because it isn't a purely couples-based erotic game, you can play it just about anywhere there's a crowd or anytime you want to pencil in a date night-in with your partner.

The pack includes over cards that include icebreakers, dares with the aid of a blindfold, and some indulgently intimate prompts—like what your most embarrassing moments have been. If you've already read into thee 36 Questionsyou don't need us to tell you where this is going.

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This best-selling card game encourages physical intimacy through a series of card draws and the roll of the dice. With three intensity levels to choose from, players get to build anticipation before having sex. The challenge factor makes it even more fun: You have a time limit for each activity, which is decided by the dice. Nookii also comes with a scarf that partners can use as a blindfold, teasing accessory, or a tie.

Not that this should come as a surprise sorry, we had tobut everyone wins. The name of the game is spelled out, but you and your partner can do whatever you like. This board game just helps you get there.

The one who lands on the bed is the winner, but there definitely are no losers here. Play with just your partner, or invite a couple other folks to the game is deed for up to four players. This board game for couples includes cards, along with a satin blindfold.

The best sex games for couples to give date night an erotic twist

The aim of the game? Get to know each other better, or reconnect and build some sexy anticipation. The instructions are simple, too: Just spin the arrow, choose a card, and let your horniness and curiosity do the rest. This game is amazing. The first time we played I got a hilarious, but impressive strip tease. Not with this game. Use the Passion Cards to guide and enhance your foreplay, and try a new position using the Sex Cards.

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No need to worry about the difficulty level, either, as the rules are pretty fluid. The end goal is really just to end up naked with your partner, too, so the means don't really matter! We are neither totally tame, or totally outrageous, so this game was right for us.

All you need to do here is roll the dice. One player notes that this is a great way to stretch out foreplay and really build up anticipation. Lust is a fun way to explore various types of emotional and physical intimacy. Similar to Charades, Lust has you act out different scenarios, both romantic and others purely sexual, as you make your way across the board.

As you progress, you rack up cards in like Body Language, Sensuality, and Love Making, each of which illustrates a sexy activity or sex position. This game definitely aims to please. Fifty Days of Play comes with 50 invitations that welcome each couple to a night of adventure and intimacy. There are five levels to the game, with ten secret envelopes to open at each level.

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The more you progress in the game, the steamier things get. We suggest that you and your partner choose a safe word before playing. This board game takes you on, quite literally, a path to pleasure. Each square on the board either asks players up to six people can play to answer sexy questions or perform sensual activities.

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We couldn't even make it to the end of the game. GREAT for couples, friends, groups, anybody looking to let go and have all sorts of guided adult fun. In order to win, you'll need to collect the most reward cards, each of which give you and your partner three dares to pick from.

Since this is an actual card game, prepare to be on your A-game. We have played it four times now. Got us trying new sexy game com we haven't thought about. Game play is fun, and not hard to learn if you have played something like Munchkin before. To take it up a notch, the player on the receiving end can wear a blindfold so they have no idea what move the other will make.

Just make sure that everyone playing has consented to the activities on the dice beforehand. The 78 cards include everything from sex positions, to simple acts of kindness. Similar to Monopolyeach player in Monogamy moves around the game board and must complete the directive on each tile luckily, paying rent and mortgages has been replaced with more sexy activities like stripping one article of clothing, or nibbling and licking your partner.

The goal is to complete as many rounds on the board as possible, as each time you make another loop, you collect a ring.

The more rings you rack up, the steamier the game gets. O-ing Tower is essentially the R-rated version of Jenga. Set up the tower of blocks and slowly take it apart, piece by piece. We also learned new things about each other.

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I was shocked that my boyfriend asked if we could play some more cards over a week later. Dirty Deeds is a card game that aims to bring you closer to your partner, as it encourages you to break new ground and get comfortable with untrodden territory. Love sex and trivia games? This game is the best of both worlds. Each card asks a sex-related question anything from facts about the Kama Sutra, to how dolphins get it onand the person who correctly answers the most wins.

The only objective of this game is getting through each card which has an illustrated sex position as quickly as possible.

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Think sexy and think fast. The player who wins is the one who assembles the sexiest emoji scenarios. If you like to get creative with your emojis beyond the eggplant and peach, this activity is definitely for you. You and your partner can pick from 52 scenario cards that encourage you to live out your wildest fantasies, as well as discover ones you may not have even dreamed of.

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This game comes with two decks of cards one for each partneras well as a six-sided die three sides for each partner. Each card comes with two prompts to choose from at your own leisure pleasure?

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I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to try new things. This game is fun and a little goofy at times, just like the G-rated version of Charades.

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