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New from inkle studiosthe team that brought the interactive novel Frankenstein to iOS inSteve Jackson's Sorcery!

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This is a guide for Sorcery! This guide contains the following:. These are presented somewhat linearly. It does not contain a description of everything in the game, but most of it and mostly definitely the important stuff.

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Cutting through the fields — once you cross the Cantopani Gate, you can cut through the fields. Cantopani — The sorcery game walkthrough town you come across is Cantopani. You can only choose one of these. Your options:. The Storage House. You can buy stuff here. The Bag of Teeth. You will be able to use these in the third game or sell them for a pretty hefty amount of gold.

The Axe. It powers may be realised only by its owner. Moreover, Glandragor is the barkeep at the tavern in Barritanti the town next to the waterfall. The Inn. Pay for food or just take it. Daddy-Ley — If you avoid Cantopani at the very beginning of the game, you can inspect the caves and learn the TOP spell. The TOP spell requires a strand of hairwhich transforms into a way out of the caves. At the end of the game, you will receive the note that you have solved the riddle of Daddy-Ley. If you do this, you will not be able to visit Cantopani. There does not seem to be any other use for the TOP spell.

There is a man in the tree. You will also hear buzzing, which you can investigate.

Long overdue walkthrough for inkle's sorcery! series, including sorcery! 4: crown of kings

Elvin Village — If you take the left fork at the place where you meet the man in the tree, you can proceed up to the Elvin Village. In the huts, you can get the following:. Red Hut. Cast MAG to protect from magic in here, otherwise a spirit will pop out and curse you.

There are two boxes. There may be a way to prevent this, not sure. Green Hut. Brown Hut. You will get some gold, but one of your items will be missing.

Sorcery! by inkle guide and walkthrough

Bridge-Toll Man — The small bridge directly to the left of Kristatani Village has a guy who asks you for one gold piece as toll payment. If you meet up with him you get free food and a room in the village Kristatani.

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No idea what this does as of yet. Kristatanti Village — No matter what path you take, you will end up here.


Mostly, you talk to an old man. You can sleep at the inn and pay or sleep outside; if you met the Bridge-Toll Manyou can sleep and eat for free.

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The key is used in the second game and can open the Red-Eye prison cell. You head down this path to reach the caves.

Map of shamutanti hills

Note that in Sorcery 2! Use DOPor if you have the axe, you can use that to break the lock without dulling your main weapon. Dhumpus — In Dhumpus, you have a few options of what to do. If you first explore the town sorcery game walkthrough asking for work, and then visit the tavern, and finally check out the inn then you can visit all three:. Explore the town. You can also ask for work cast BIG to make it go faster for 3 gold, plus room and board, but then the night it over and you leave the city.

Visit the Tavern. You talk to some people. Then I tell them that I will defend people who need it. Urrustanti the Plague Village — The residents here have the plague. In order to be able to cure them, you need to look around enough to figure it out. Just turn around and climb up.


He wants the name of the trapped witch Alianna and the names of the cities in the order you visited them Cantopani, Kristatanti, Dhumpus. Note that he will tell you a poem which will tell you which way to turn either left or right in the Manticore maze to avoid the traps. Birrianti and the Crystal Waterfall — No matter what path you take, you will come across this village. Explore further to see the Waterfall. Notably, you can return the Axeif you have it, to its rightful owner, Glandragor.

Crystal Waterfall. This place will heal you. You can head back or ask someone else to.


But no matter what, if you decide to head back or send someone else, Jann will depart to cure the village. Flanker the Assassin — If you kill him, you get a measly 3 gold pieces. If you help him, you get a friend for the rest of your journey!

He comes back in the next two games for sure and most likely the last one as well. Sorcery 2! He will take you to the council. Sorcery 3! Or you can kill him and get it when you see him. Gaza Moon — She is a witch who lives in a hut above the Crystal Waterfall.

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You will be rewarded well for defeating it. If you want to avoid the Manticore, you will need to escape successfully. In the Manticore Maze. In the maze, you will need to take either all left or all rights to avoid falling into the traps. Which way it is depends on what Vancass said to you either left or right. This installment of the game is the shortest and most linear, as compared to the other parts.

Sorcery! by inkle guide and walkthrough

For each of these decisions, you can only choose one. Decision 1. Cantopani vs Daddy-Ley cutting through the long grass is pretty useless. Notably, the flute for casting JIG is cheap and can come in handy a lot. Unless it turns out that the TOP spell or having solved the riddle has some special usage in Sorcery 4this is probably objectively the better path.

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Daddu-Ley is the only place you can learn the TOP spell. Does not seem to have a use yet as of Sorcery 3! Decision 2.