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Valve has contacted several developers asking them to censor their games on Steam or face delisting. Multiple game developers have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage.

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Valve's Steam Store is opening the floodgates, and will not censor any games for controversial content.

Steam game developers that do not censor sexual content will be removed: valve

In a blog postJohnson said his company has been wrestling with what to do about games that contain sex and violence, as well as deal with contentious topics involving politics, racism, and gender—content that can outrage some consumers, but find an audience with others. Last month, for example, Valve threatened to remove several anime-style adult games from Steam.

And it pulled the game Active Shooter because, Valve claimed, the developer is " a troll, with a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, and user review manipulation. According to Johnson, Valve's own employees can't agree on what games deserve to be on the store.

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But they did settle on a solution. If you're a player, we shouldn't be choosing for you what content you can or can't buy. If you're a developer, we shouldn't be choosing what content you're allowed to create. Those choices should be yours to make," he wrote.

In other words: If there's a game on Steam you don't agree with, you'll just have to ignore it.

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To help you do so, Valve plans to implement new tools that can let buyers screen out games they'd prefer not to see. Current Steam guidelines ban games that contain hate speech, pornography, or content that is "patently offensive.

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But Johnson aled that Steam is going to become the Switzerland of digital game providers and take a completely neutral stance on content, as long as it follows the law. Response to Steam's decision is mixed. Others are calling Valve courageous for refusing to censor content, while indie developers, many of whom create less mainstream content, are praising the move.

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The short answer: No. There are no second chances for Active Shooter, or its developers. And to be explicit, while the developer behind it was also a troll, we'd reject Active Shooter if it had been submitted by any other developer. On the same day, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation blasted Valve's decision to not police content over the platform.

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